Working Onsite or Remote (ROD)

Our consultants work both on-site with a customer, the Stockholm region, or remote anywhere in Sweden. The distance work is done through our concept of ROD, "remote onshore development". You choose the option that suits you and the customer best.

Your colleagues are talented and experienced

Your colleagues have usually worked for several years and thus have extensive experience and specific areas of knowledge. This gives you a challenging and contributing environment that helps you achieve your best version of yourself.

Clear developer program

Together with us you define a plan and a clear development program for you. Do you want to expand, or niche yourself, go to senior positions or work with interesting customers. The choices are open to you and we help you define and reach them.

Fredenheim Disrupt

In order to speed up the disruption in society and that we constantly want to challenge ourselves and live as we learn, we run our own initiative "Fredenheim Disrupt". These will fill a gap in the market and have a disruptive solution. As an employee, you can participate with ideas, insights and delivery.

Fredenheim offshore Camps

Every year, all Fredenheim employees meet to live our host foundation, socialize and define our future vision for Fredenheim and your own career. This is done in a creative context and an experience environment.

"Dare to disrupt"

Fredenheim’s key words are – Dare to Disrupt – We want us, our customers and society at large to be open to the change that is constantly happening at an ever faster pace. Furthermore, we dare to challenge the status quo and pick up the change to do something constructive and innovative. 

To succeed in our vision requires talent, experience and a destructive foundation of values ​​that is open and challenging. We at Fredenheim believe this and if you recognize you we want you to become one of us!

Remote Onshore Development (ROD)

Fredenheim has several years of experience in remote work for developers stationed in Sweden, also called ROD, Remote onshore development. With effective work in remote, you lower your costs, reduce logistics and give a positive effect to society and the environment.

Technical disciplines

Fredenheim has long experience of both frontend, backend and databases as well as taking full responsibility through full stack. Software development takes place with current best practice in C, C ++, .NET, Java, JS, Python. Furthermore, we have the expertise and experience for the latest cloud environments such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Our job vacancies

Do you have talent, experience and a disruptive foundation of values ​​that is open and challenging? Then we want you to become one of us!

Senior Software Developer

Senior Fullstack Developer

Senior IT Architect

Senior Scrum Master

"Did you get to where you are by accepting status quo? We didn't."