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Senior IT consultants focusing on your challenges. We help you solve development and technology every day.

Platforms & Overall solutions

Throughout the years, Fredenheim has always worked with overall solutions and complex platforms, which is the basis of our offering.

Green AI Cloud – Hyper scale and fossil-free AI

Our cloud solution for AI computation is 100–150 times faster than existing market solutions – and the only one with a negative CO2 footprint!

Products & Applications

We can help you with smaller and more precise deliveries in the form of concrete technical products or applications that are part of a larger ecosystem.

Our focus areas

Telecom & Network

For several years, we have been helping the telecom industry with projects for efficiency, cost reduction and security. Among other things, with deliveries in open source platforms, 5G and AI technology

Authentication & Encryption

We can build in-house signed engines or integrate with existing suppliers, such as BankID. We also build authentication and encryption solutions with high data security

Payments & e-Commerce

We build payment solutions and internal payment services for larger customers. We can also design and implement e-Commerce solutions for both payments and credit management with associated integrations

Embedded hardware & IOT

We design and frame software for hardware and physical products. These products are framed with network connections either according to standard or for specific purposes

API & Microservices

We have long experience in designing, developing and managing APIs and microservices for our customers. Data output can be delivered through standardized APIs or in-house microservices

ERP & Open banking

We see that the future involves system-to-system integrations, databases to databases, so we have a strong focus on integrations. Especially for APIs and customer platforms for business management and ERP. We have experience of both direct integrations and aggregated API data sources

"Dare to disrupt"

Fredenheim’s key words are – Dare to Disrupt – We want us, our customers and society at large to be open to the change that is constantly happening at an ever faster pace. Furthermore, we dare to challenge the status quo and pick up the change to do something constructive and innovative.

The world’s fastest and greenest cloud service for AI computation

We take the lead in fighting global warming, by offering a globally unique cloud solution that solves the need for hyper fast and sustainable AI computation – 100–150 times faster than other solutions on the market today. Green AI Cloud is the world’s first AI cloud service with a negative climate footprint, by using only renewable energy and reusing the excess heat as energy in nearby industries. Furthermore, Green AI Cloud is the first Nordic AI cloud service, which gives European companies access to a local, cost-efficient alternative that secures compliance to EU data protection legislation and Schrems II.

Technical disciplines

Fredenheim has long experience of both frontend, backend and databases as well as taking full responsibility through full stack. Software development takes place with current best practice in C, C ++, .NET, Java, JS, Python. Furthermore, we have the expertise and experience for the latest cloud environments such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Fredenheim | Dare to Disrupt

For more than 10 years, Fredenheim has been at the forefront of telecom development where Fredenheim has primarily defined the Linux environment in the telecom sector in Scandinavia. For the past five years, the company has focused strategically on Tech companies, Scaleups and Financial Services. We see that the future is becoming increasingly tech- and automation-oriented where senior focused technology delivery is a natural integral to customer needs. The company rests on three values; to be open, challenging and disruptive in order to best help our customers innovate and rethink their business and offering.


We are open to opportunities, we are open to the ideas of others and we are open to you defining your future.


We are constantly challenging ourselves, as are you expected to challenge yourself and us, and when needed to challenge customers as well.


We want to disrupt and thereby innovate for our customers, in order to succeed this requires both being open to change and challenging the status quo.


Jacob is a program and finance manager with 15+ years of telecom background. Jacob has worked with several software platform implementations, where the focus has been on emerging countries in Asia and South America. Jacob regularly has 7-15 resources activated in the projects and programs implemented by the customers. Jacob is a certified Scrum Master.


Simon is a full stack developer with 10+ years of background as a systems architect with expertise in developing web-based systems. Simon has a good understanding of both frontend, backend as well as the infrastructure which gives him a great advantage in understanding existing systems and also being responsible for developing new systems.


Tomas is a senior system developer with 25 years’ experience, and has worked with everything from business analytics to system development in Linux, AIX, Oracle. He has held key positions as system developer and worked with requirements management for both global and local customers. With his sense of purpose and fondness for practical as well as analytical work, Tomas can undertake the most complex projects.


Johan has 8 years of experience in system development and programming. With a Master of Science degree in computer science, Johan has also received the academic aspects of programming and technology. Johan is appreciated by customers for his technical expertise and ability to familiarize himself with the customer’s position. Johan is strong when it comes to running a project, as well as on collaboration and communication.


Fredrik has a keen interest in technology and has years of experience in computers and networks. Fredrik discovered his passion for programming at an early age. Fredrik is today a developer who works agile and is keen on customer needs. Fredrik has experience of full stack in ASP.NET, Node.js, React, MongoDB with deployment pipelines via Azure.


Gustav has 25 years experience as a system developer and system architect. He has also worked as a scientist and teacher within IT security, software architecture and business critical systems. Gustav’s primary expert focus areas include development, data analysis and web systems in cloud environment. He also has a PhD in data science with emphasis on aspect-oriented programming and safe software technology.


Per is a system developer and civil engineer in technical physics, and a genuine problem solver with a substantial track record within system development, software development and programming. Per has held several advanced consultant positions within power electronics, defence industry, medtech and data communication, with key roles in critical software projects with very high requirements on functionality and security. Per develops both hardware and software, and likes to take responsibility for the whole process with documentation, test and verification.


Erik is an experienced IT consultant with 15 years of expertise in maintenance and development of networks and backend systems. Erik has deep experience in all parts of the area, from managing to database infrastructure, that gives him the ability to understand existing systems and take responsibility for developing and maintaining new systems.

"Did you get to where you are by accepting status quo? We didn't."